This conceptual ideology addresses areas of unsettled science, particularly problem areas in metamorphic geology, cosmology and astrophysics:

– Alternative galaxy, star, planet, and planetesimal formation, with Flip-Flop Fragmentation followed by Trifurcation forming the 3 sets of twin planets in our highly unusual solar system;

– Three epochs of baryonic dark matter, with 1) decoupled neutrons collapsing and rebounding during BBN to form spiral galaxies, with 2) decoupled helium collapsing to form proto dSphs, and with 3) Pop III star demise as thermally-pulsing AGB stars, hurling off gravitationally-bound planetary-mass cometary knots (paleons) as massive CMEs, with gas-globule paleons mopping up the remaining gas in the dSphs and condensing the stellar metallicity into moon-mass icy nuclei, effectively causing paleons to go dark;

– Aqueous differentiation of Kuiper belt objects, delivered to Earth during the Late Heavy Bombardment, forming the basement rock of the continental tectonic plates.


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